Cake Smash

Is my session only cake smashing photos?

No! Only the second half of the session involves cake smashing.  We will shoot a simple setup beforehand to give you a well-rounded gallery of images. It is important to have photos of your baby to document them at this age separate from the cake smashing ones.

What should my baby wear?

Something to match the theme and colour of your session.  For girls- tutu’s with a onesie are popular.  For boys- solid t-shirts and blue jeans look great.  You can add in hats or necklaces as well.  You can also bring a nice outfit to use for the first set of simple photos.

Is The Cake Included?
Yes, the cake is included in the session fee. It will match the decor of your choice.

What do I bring to my cake smash session?

  • 2 outfits (1 before cake smash and 1 during)
  • Extra clothes for baby to go home in
  • Plastic bag for the dirty clothes
  • Extra water for baby (Babies get very thirsty once they start eating the cake!)
  • Baby’s favorite toys & snacks, just in case!

How will we clean up?

I will have paper towels, a garbage bag, and water to clean up.  I recommend changing your child right at the cake smash site.  Have wipes and a change of clothes ready to to go.