About Me

Fairchild PhotographyHello!! My Name is Jacky

I am a wife, a mama, and a craftaholic!! I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to do what I love each day 🙂 I am always honoured to share and be a part of these special moments with you and your child. 

I specialize in the super fun Cake Smash Sessions!

Servicing Ottawa Ontario and surrounding area.  


Members in family? ~ 4

Age? ~ 33

Favourite season? ~ Definitely summer! I Love weekends away at the lake, flip-flops, and ice cream!

Years of Experience? ~ 5

Favourite shoots? ~  Cake Smash of course!

Least favourite shoots? ~ Self portraits! 

Camera? ~ Canon 6D DSLR paired with my nifty fifty! 50mm lens

Natural or Studio Light? ~ Studio! I use an alienbee 800 paired with my very large 86inch PLM with black outer cover & white front diffuser. Trust me, its BIG! 🙂

Pets? ~ Just Oscar our Holland Lop Bunny.

Favourite backdrop? ~ I love our Mint Pink Party theme for girls Cake Smash Session’s!

Pet peeve? ~ Probably my obsession with green frog tape! I use it for everything! Including taping up my vinyl backdrops. But it drives me crazy because its lime green! Step into my studio, you’ll see some green 😉


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